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Does Your New Health Plan Cover Abortion?

Unless the exchanges make clear which plans cover elective abortion and which don’t, the ACA’s requirement that insurers segregate abortion funds makes little sense.

Out of the Tomb

The differences between Francis and Benedict have been exaggerated, but the exhortation does signal a real contrast of emphasis between the two popes.

The Heart of Francis's Mission

Pope Francis has surprised the world because he embraces the Christian calling to destabilize and to challenge.

O Holy Fight

In my neighborhood, the war on Christmas began on Halloween, when an email proposing a December “holiday party” was sent.

Kids, Raised Catholic

We asked some younger Catholics, themselves just setting out in life, to compose responses to the stories in our symposium.

Symposium: Raising Catholic Kids

A special symposium, in which we asked parents to reflect and recollect on their experiences and challenges of raising their children as Catholics.

'Not All Religious Learning Happens Explicitly'

The spirituality at the heart of each child cries out to be nourished; helping children develop their sense of wonder through play will go far in this regard.

'Be Who You Are and Be That Well'

Our backgrounds were different, but our Catholic identity ran deep, with Irish-Catholic roots spreading in almost every direction.

'Learning Humility, Learning Patience'

Every poll shows the nonreligiously affiliated—now called “nones”—increasing in number. That number includes all my grown children. But it wasn’t always this way.

Married Priests

Any discussion of the relationship between celibacy and priesthood needs to distinguish between three different “logics” that have governed the practice of celibacy.

Rethinking Catholic Schools

At a time when most schools are serving larger geographic areas, it might be a good idea to take a look at how dioceses structure their educational systems.

Earning Their Place

Tempted as I am to recommend those I give as presents year after year, I’ll offer instead some very recent books that have already earned a home on our bookshelf.
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