‘Eat the Chard, Say a Hail Mary’

Stephen Karam, author of the acclaimed Broadway play "The Humans," talks about compassion, Chekhov, and how faith and fear figure into his work.

The Year of Lear

You don’t need to be a thespian to appreciate James Shapiro's "Year of Lear"—a brilliant, meticulously researched history of social tensions that inspired the play.

Holy Agony

'Dialogues of the Carmelites' is an opera of questions: What does it mean to die well? To die in fear? Are there bad ways to be a martyr for Christ?

Closing Testament

Broadway’s most recent foray into Catholicism has come to an abrupt halt: The Broadway testimony of the mother of Jesus—as written by the award-winning...

Finding Facts, Making Stories

In one of the most anticipated plays of the season, Nora Ephron’s Lucky Guy, Tom Hanks stars as Mike McAlary, a writer who worked his way to stardom at three New...

A Glam-free Gatsby

There’s an elusiveness to Jay Gatsby, the figure who haunts F. Scott Fitzgerald’s best-loved work. Gatsby is a charismatic millionaire who blends into the...

A Vow of Parody

Playwright, actor, and drag performer Charles Busch has made a career out of deconstructing and playfully recreating the classic Hollywood ideal of femininity. His...

Fertile Ground

August Wilson touched off a vigorous debate in the theater world when he declared, in 1996, that “colorblind casting is an aberrant idea” and a tool of...


A review of Martin McDonagh's play 'A Behanding in Spokane.'

Mind Games

Forget swine flu—is madness contagious? You might think so, after watching the Sydney Theatre Company’s riveting version of Tennessee Williams’s A Streetcar Named...

The Cost of Justice

Playwrights and screenwriters have had several years to mine the clergy sexual-abuse scandal, but it is only with John Patrick Shanley’s Pulitzer Prize–winning play...

Domestic Disputes

French playwright Yasmina Reza won international acclaim—and the 1998 Tony Award for Best Play—with her comedy Art, in which three friends clash over the merits of...
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