Jewish-Christian Relations

'What Our Church Has Inflicted on Judaism'

To foster a more productive Catholic-Jewish dialogue we need to pose two further questions, one backward-looking and one forward-looking.

The Current of Creation

The profound transformation of public life wrought by Christian charity did not come out of nowhere; it was an inheritance the church received from the synagogue.

Through a Glass Darkly

In this brilliantly argued intellectual history, David Nirenberg asks how influential figures in the Western tradition have thought about Judaism over the millennia.

The Thorny Path

In a certain sense, every Christian is Jewish. This is something I could have told you years ago—I’m a scholar of religion, after all. But it’s possible to know a...

Gained in Translation

The medieval manuscripts currently on view at Manhattan’s Jewish Museum in Crossing Borders: Manuscripts from the Bodleian Libraries are stunning in their beauty....

Flesh Wounds

All the suffering we have seen recently—the dead Palestinian children, the casualties of civil war in Syria and the Congo, and the personal travails of so many—...

A Serious Question

What exactly is it that Israel intends to do with the Palestinians now in the territories that it has just opened for home construction for Jewish settlers, thereby...

Taking on Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently took to the Sunday morning political talk shows to dodge accusations that he has been meddling in America’s...

Catholic Kosher

Testifying before Congress about religious liberty last February, William Lori, archbishop of Baltimore, proffered an analogy. The government would not force a...

Psalm 91

1.     He presides in supreme concealment:         who can bide in Shaddai’s shadow!2.  ...

Holy Envy

The intrepid Harold Bloom once called the New Testament the greatest act of plagiarism in the history of literature. That might sound hyperbolic; but if you include...

Nazi Racism & the Church

It sometimes seems that the controversy over Pope Pius XII and his role during the Holocaust has lasted several lifetimes. In fact the accusation that the pope...
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