Chris Christie's Debate Phobia

A question for the governor: What is wrong with debating differences on policy and philosophy that people in political parties inevitably have?

Fighting Back on Voting Rights

Since the Supreme Court threw out Section 4 of the VRA, conservative legislators in several states have sought to pass laws making it harder to vote.

The Painful Paradoxes of Race

It tells us something about America in 2013 that two successful African American men chose independently to underscore the same truth about Trayvon Martin's killing.

A Dying Concept

The conviction is new that the exclusive purpose of the business corporation is to profit its professional managers and stockholders.

'Like a Shadow'

I have attended many births but this was the first time I had to help a woman deliver a baby we both knew would be dead.

Wedding Crashers

An old pastor once told me he would rather preside at a funeral—even the most tragic funeral—than at a wedding, any day of the week. Now I know just what he meant.

A New Balance Toward Liberty

It's not an all-or-nothing debate: We can be far more mindful of privacy than we have been without gutting the government's ability to stop future attacks.

Stepping into the Vacuum

Let us again admire Kenneth Feinberg, a public servant who demonstrates that justice and common sense are still coordinates in the national psyche.

Loving Pugilist

You wanted Father Andrew Greeley as your friend and not your enemy. He was ready to do battle at the first signs of disrespect toward those he cared about.

Help, Not Ideology

Disaster relief is not a slam dunk anymore because an issue of basic decency has become entangled with a renewed assault on federal power.

Confidence v. Certainty

Many religious people feel a need for clarity. They need to have a sense that they are right, or at least on the right path and relatively sure of their direction.

Is Democracy in Trouble?

We know American politics are dysfunctional. But after a week of scandal obsession during which the nation's capital and the media virtually ignored the problems...
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