Letter from Rome

This Lent, Francis celebrates the 50th anniversary of first vernacular Mass said by a pope; one of Rome's most dynamic pastors retires; forgetting Panama's cardinal.

Tall Orders

Seminaries have four to five years of post-college priestly formation to train men to be leaders of the small “corporations” that parishes have become.

'Spiritual Assault'

In the trenches of parish life, I am aware of how an ecclesiastical environment that produces wounded people can lead to a community's unraveling.

Inside the Seminary

Any college-aged man entering a Catholic seminary during the ongoing crisis of the priestly sexual-abuse scandals does so with a certain amount of self-...

Let Greece Breathe

Germans seem to have forgotten that Germany was the beneficiary of debt forgiveness several times in the twentieth century, after mistakes far worse than Greece's.

Facing Down Death

No matter how accomplished, no matter how many titles and beach houses they accumulate, men crave some kind of red badge.

Letter from Rome

The Holy See has publicly dealt with four bishops for committing abuse or trying to cover it up. But there has been no transparency on their status or whereabouts.

Hidden Behind Words

Does language shape character and culture, or is it the other way around?

A Good Place to Work

Ernest Hemingway’s long involvement with Cuba illuminates the recent normalization of diplomatic relations between the United States and that country.

Poem | The Wounded Angel

This happened long ago when blood / root bloomed, the dazed spring still / holding onto makeshift railings // We sloshed around winter's old fields...

Poem | Healing

They say the suffering unto health / hurts less than suffering unto death. / Those suffering don’t say this...

Poem | The Crucifixion

So isn’t it shameful that we, still unknowing, will answer with dynamite? / Monkish distraction: this quick digging the pits beneath the enormous / bearded flank,...