'Eventide' by Voces8

The via pulchritudinis is never far from me in my life as a Catholic, and it has been particularly with me lately as I’ve listened to Eventide by Voces8.

Letters | Dealing with disability

'I am surprised and saddened that the editors would print such a remark.' The author responds.

Letter from Rome

An American cardinal? Maybe, or maybe not: Some of Francis's choices last year were so unconventional that it’s difficult to know what he’ll do this time around.


Americans receive confirmation of what they'd suspected: That CIA and Bush administration officials have been less than truthful in their accounts on torture.

Will We Torture Again?

Can we now say with confidence that our government will not use torture again? In light of reaction to the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report, I fear we can't.

Letter from Rome

The pushback to Pope Francis’s reforms is intensifying and the Jesuit pontiff is not shy to admit it. “But that’s a good sign for me – that it’s out in the open."

Fiction | You Will Be Missed

What kind of people don’t see their only sibling for years, then show up at her husband’s funeral? What kind of Irish joke are you?

Remembering We're Not in Charge

When we try to be in charge of anything, including our spiritual life, we can narrow ourselves and limit what we might be given. We are part of something larger.

'Rosewater' & 'Nightcrawler'

"Rosewater"—set in an Iranian prison—is painful, poignant, at times funny and humanizing. "Nightcrawler"—a monster movie that wants to be a social indictment—isn't.

Bookmarks | Fairy Tales Are More Than True

Donna Tartt's "The Goldfinch" and "The Secret History," and Helen Oyeyemi's "Boy, Snow, Bird" are not "literary realism" but something different, and dazzling.

Flesh Is Funny | Poem

how a touch, for instance yours, / can go on living its life within / for days, months even, after it’s gone...

'Going' & 'Humdrum' | Two Poems

I keep thinking / of a man and his marriage / with the snowflakes falling / and whether he / should wear gloves / or swallow an aspirin...
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