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Wedding Crashers

An old pastor once told me he would rather preside at a funeral—even the most tragic funeral—than at a wedding, any day of the week. Now I know just what he meant.

Plot Twists

'Catholics in the American Century' gathers essays exploring how Catholic experience and perspectives enrich our understanding of the broader American experience.

'Catholics Are Different'

Over the course of six decades, Fr. Andrew M. Greeley—who died on May 30—wrote regularly for Commonweal. Here are excerpts from just some of his articles.

Loving Pugilist

You wanted Father Andrew Greeley as your friend and not your enemy. He was ready to do battle at the first signs of disrespect toward those he cared about.

The Big Dig

Last fall, the Archdiocese of Boston released an ambitious plan designed to stem the decline it has experienced—in priests, Mass attendance, and treasure...

Native Daughters

Last October the Roman Catholic Church elevated to sainthood two women of North America: Mother Marianne Cope, the German-American nun who spent her life providing...

‘Grave Ambiguities’

This book documents the travails and the courage of the late Jacques Dupuis, the Jesuit priest and theologian whose work on what he called “a Christian...

Behind the Tridentine Myth

The Council of Trent, ostensibly the response of the Catholic Church to the Protestant Reformation, is poorly known for what occasioned it and what it did, and,...

Confidence v. Certainty

Many religious people feel a need for clarity. They need to have a sense that they are right, or at least on the right path and relatively sure of their direction.

The Outsiders

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who’s guarding the guards? It’s a question that exasperated members of a credibility-challenged organization have long...

Cruise Control

In early 2011, Lawrence Wright published a piece in the New Yorker describing both the recruitment of James Haggis by the Church of Scientology and his defection...

Redeemed from Death?

As I begin what will be my seventh (!) decade as a Catholic, I find that I am less and less sure of what Catholics believe.Oh, I know our opinions. Especially...
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