The Optimist

Of the many threads within Scalia’s jurisprudence, perhaps most durable is his abiding and occasionally maddening optimism about the character of the American people

Last Word: Mission Accomplished

When we visited Frigolet last year, we asked Joël what makes for a vital religious community. “New men,” he replied. Not money, not administrative acumen, but men.

Catching Up & Passing On

Current students are taught by lay people. Our teachers were Benedictine monks, and teaching only begins to describe the role those virtuous men played in our lives.

Last Word: In Deed

At the 126-year old Catholic Church in Freddie Gray's neighborhood, where structural sin can be fatal, parishioners find ways to work for justice, not just charity.

Not Ours to Mend

John Garvey wrote about our self-delusions, especially of control and autonomy, and our ways of propping them up, and his columns could be spiked with hilarity.

Faithful Ferryman

Joseph Cunneen, a longtime contributor to Commonweal, passed away in his sleep on July 29. He was eighty-nine years old. The son of an attorney and a teacher, Joe...

Movement Man

G. K. Chesterton was GKC. William F. Buckley Jr. was WFB. Fr. Richard John Neuhaus—priest, writer, and public intellectual—was RJN. When, in the summer...

A Bond of Blood

When William P. Ford died last month at the age of seventy-two, after a battle with esophageal cancer, the New York Times called him a “rights advocate.” That he...

Fellow Traveler

She called herself a “merchant princess and trafficker in crucifixes.” And so she was, entrepreneur extraordinaire, friend of Dorothy Day, social...

John Deedy, R.I.P.

On March 28, John Deedy, managing editor of Commonweal from 1967 to 1978, died at age eighty-two. Jack came to Commonweal at a tense moment and in delicate...

Daria Donnelly, R.I.P.

Daria Donnelly, Commonweal’s associate editor (at large), died September 21 at the age of forty-five. She was the mother of Leo and Josephine, two beautiful...

A quiet heroism

It was gratifying that both the Washington Post (October 27) and the New York Times (November 1) published significant obituaries taking note of the death, on...
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