Sexual-abuse Crisis

‘Society Men’: An exchange

Grown-Up Men Barry Gault’s article “Society Men” (April 22) raises thoughtful questions. Does Catholic priesthood, as it is actually lived today, promote certain...

Fabricating Bernardin

Few tools in the historian’s kit are as fundamental as periodization. By naming distinct stretches of time, historians give shape to history’s flow: the Dark Ages,...

Another Long Lent

In February, three Philadelphia priests were indicted for sexual abuse, and their former vicar for clergy was charged with child endangerment. Perhaps more...

Loose Canons

We need less “back story” and more openness. If there’s anything we can say with certainty about the sex abuse crisis, it’s that secrecy does more harm than good.

Where There Is Injury

Joseph P. Chinnici is a Franciscan priest, historian (doctorate from Oxford in modern church history), teacher (Berkeley’s Graduate Theological Union since 1975),...

The Scandal of Secrecy

A closer look at both the secret text of the Vatican regarding clerical crimes of solicitation and the confusing lack of authority in dealing with these crimes.

The Peril of Vehemence

In her new book, Susan A. Clancy offers a powerful and unsettling message about childhood sexual abuse in the United States. The Trauma Myth is a scathing attack on...

Who Is Benedict XVI?

History & Mystery: John C. Cavadini reviews the second volume of Benedict XVI's Jesus of NazarethRatzinger at Vatican II, by John WilkinsBenedict in the Dock,...


The priest, Fr. Monaghan, sat in his office listening to the clock. The office was a small and windowless room behind the auditorium, cluttered with books and...

Church of the ‘Times’

The New York Times isn’t fair. In its all-hands-on-deck drive to implicate the pope in diocesan cover-ups of abusive priests, the Times has relied on a steady...

Benedict in the Dock

Benedict's action (and inaction) surrounding the sex abuse crisis isn't good enough. Mistakes can be forgiven; what breeds mistrust is the refusal to admit error.

Fraternal Correction

The Catholic Church in the United States owes its sister church in Ireland a great deal. It was the Irish who first brought our faith to these shores in great...
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Where There Is Injury

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The Peril of Vehemence

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