Poem | Comfort & Justice

She is casting into the rafters dark rainbows / Prisms in wood—the gauzy wings glitter over moon / Through your radiant—very radiant need.

Poem | Picking Blackberries at Jubilee

What delight goes undisguised? / In the secret shade, looking up into it, / A gasping coolness startles.

Poem | A Life

Her sixteenth birthday party is tonight. / In the next room, the Lord lets there be light. ...

Two Poems | The Mowers & The Cricket

The mowers are at work on the hillside, / cutting brush with string trimmers and chattering saws, / and a haze of dust rises up around/ the crew as they labor...

Poem | Song Of Songs

eden’s echo is delight / when lover and beloved sing their pleasure ...

‘When a Deeper Need Enters’

There are no political neutrals—not even among churchmen or poets. Two Irish poets help illustrate this point: William Butler Yeats and Seamus Heaney.

Poem | The Migratory Birds

Fearless and warm, we stayed until / A new time swept around the hill.

Prayer & Memories Mercies | Two Poems

But there were / I swear / days veined with grace // like a lucky / rock / ripping / electrically over // whatever water / there was—

Poems | By and By & Lullaby Before Birth

By and By What falls on us familiar at the end And blankets even the daylight in a blur That neither fog nor cricket come to friend Is not the night, although I...

Poem | Show Time

Tempus fugit every sundial proclaims, yet over and over time seems to swoon, or to expand, even to grind to a juddering halt when I blog; a dreadful...

Two Poems by Rainer Maria Rilke

We never knew his audacious head / in which the eyeballs ripened. But / his torso still glows like a candelabra...

Poem | The Catch

But the blessing belongs to the artist / who must have sketched the scene from his own boat...
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