There's Something I Want You to Do: Stories

Baxter reads fiction to “see bad stuff happening.” He writes characters who get into serious trouble, and face their own "human wreckage" at someone else's request.

Poem | The Mountain, Year 2

...what seems like nowhere / is me talking to the mountain, / rain on my shoulders, / hair / like autumn grass / that blinds me as I climb...

Poem | Quick

What never grew to light / past the established trees? / Each sapling in its supple bark / housed untold contingencies...

Two Poems | Beach Totem, Analemma

...in the name of the washed-up, / the lapsed and forgotten, / remnants joined to give loss, // no matter how touch / or random, another shot / at consequence...

Poem | In Fifty Years No One Will Know

"...the part already passed, the part / around the corner, the part that / wrenched the mind from its spiny cave, / the part that sheltered in the flesh..."

Poem | Celeriac

dirty, battered face sleepy with no eyes all dream and wood inside. It fed on the dark loam its hairy sallow cheeks, wistful under ground green sprigs stemming...

Poem | After Reading 'A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers'

One day, he stood, perfectly still, / as if at prayer, / then broke and flew / toward his/ endless / blue freedom...

Poem | The Wounded Angel

This happened long ago when blood / root bloomed, the dazed spring still / holding onto makeshift railings // We sloshed around winter's old fields...

Poem | Healing

They say the suffering unto health / hurts less than suffering unto death. / Those suffering don’t say this...

Poem | The Crucifixion

So isn’t it shameful that we, still unknowing, will answer with dynamite? / Monkish distraction: this quick digging the pits beneath the enormous / bearded flank,...

Two Poems | 'Resurrection' & 'I Lazarus'

Clouds floating by / Like the shapes of the dead ones / As radiant as angels / And when / I opened the earth / Their tombs were all empty...

Poem | Galileo

Prone before the archbishop, he averted his face from the / severe brocade and chasuble stained with incense and filth...
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