Poem | The Migratory Birds

Fearless and warm, we stayed until / A new time swept around the hill.

Prayer & Memories Mercies | Two Poems

But there were / I swear / days veined with grace // like a lucky / rock / ripping / electrically over // whatever water / there was—

Poems | By and By & Lullaby Before Birth

By and By What falls on us familiar at the end And blankets even the daylight in a blur That neither fog nor cricket come to friend Is not the night, although I...

Poem | Show Time

Tempus fugit every sundial proclaims, yet over and over time seems to swoon, or to expand, even to grind to a juddering halt when I blog; a dreadful...

Two Poems by Rainer Maria Rilke

We never knew his audacious head / in which the eyeballs ripened. But / his torso still glows like a candelabra...

Poem | The Catch

But the blessing belongs to the artist / who must have sketched the scene from his own boat...

Bookmarks | Formal Poetry is Alive and Well

Two new collections of poetry from Geoffrey G. O'Brien and Spencer Reece both resist the "open-ended and often sloppy free-verse form of much contemporary poetry."

Poem | Widow of Zarephath

i was like a small bird / pecking near a gate / when i went in search of twigs—

Poem | Funeral Food

all afternoon friends knocking softly / on the front door of our Ash Alley row home / saying to our mother how sorry / they were about her loss...

Poetry and the Contemplative Life

The term “contemplative life" is one that is much mistreated. It is more often used than defined, and that is why arguments about the respective merits...

Poem | The Devil's Delusion

I lie on my back in the lawnchair to study / the trees claw up toward heaven. / They have all the sap I lack.

Poem | Witness

Typically cryptic, God said three weasels / slipping electric over the rocks / one current conducting them up the tree ...
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