Poem | Raising the Eyes That High

Looking westward through the porch screen, / White light from the full moon shivers / On snow crust, on glaze over fields.

Poem | Deaconesses

Remember the two nameless slave-women, / the two deaconesses Pliny had flogged...

Poem | The Moth

There is one now, / on the screen door, / his chalky wings a blur, / wanting in, wanting in...

Poem | Saint Paul Lives Here (In Minnesota)

Neither death, nor life, nor angels, / nor principalities, nor powers, / nor things present, nor things to come...

Poem | At The End

of a late August evening / comes a light through maples / and over orange marigolds / a light that eddies over fallen apples

Poem | *

Everywhere at once, aimless / though the day lilies / no longer make a sound

Goaded by Doubt

In his new book, 'My Bright Abyss: Meditation of a Modern Believer,' Christian Wiman reflects on faith, death, poetry, and God.

Poem | Recipe Book

The hand-bound book is brittle / Note the fingerprints done in cinnamon

Poem | Sacraments in the Field

A layman can baptize when in extremis / or give the last rites. Here’s how I perform them.

Poem | The Four Pietàs Of Michelangelo

With her left hand she says, “See/this masterpiece they’ve given me/then taken it away again./They even call him Son of Man/as if I had no claim on Him. ...

Poetry | Julian of Norwich

What honey this gold bee made in her cell, fanning a vision’s nectar with her wings, she who could scarcely bear the thought of hell and thought that...

Poetry | At the Accademia, Venice

These painters loved the Virgin Crowned. In blue and white or white and gold, on every canvas glorified, she bows to let her son confer the kingdom. Exquisitely...
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