Letters | The politics of abortion, the timing of confirmation, etc.

Readers write in to discuss abortion, hysterectomies, divorce, vasectomies, confirmation, funeral manners, and Amy Winehouse's bulimia.

Letters | Academic discipline, confirmation, ethnic resentments, etc.

Readers write in on how academic, humanistic, and prophetic cultures should be balanced, when kids should be confirmed, and why nothing's better than the Eucharist.

Letters | Contraception, Russia, Amtrak

Readers continue the conversation on the morality of contraception in 2015 and how Europe is handling its two most important crises and America its defunct railways.

Letters | Francis & sexual abuse; sober history; knowing Jesus

Readers "angered at the tortured logic of the editors" respond to the removal of Bishop Finn, Francis's failures, the value of "big history," and how to know Jesus.

Letters | Teaching prisoners, seminarians & ourselves

Shortsighted Kudos to Robert Cowan for saying that the objections that scuttled Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plan to pay for college classes for prison inmates...

Letters | Abstinence Education vs. Common Sense

Abstinence education I am puzzled by the reflections of Christopher Roberts and Marian Crowe (Does Method Matter?), which suggest that the spiritual discipline of...

Letters | Garvey’s Grace, Boehner’s Chutzpah

Correspondence on John Garvey, Hemingway, supersessionism, and more.

Letters | Migration—Winged & Otherwise

Readers write in about Archbishop Cupich, the charitable tax deduction, 'Birdman', and La Posada shelter for migrants.

Letters | Baby-making, remarriage, death

Readers question (Too pessimistic about sexless reproduction?) and nuance (It could prevent diseases) and realize (Those are my citations!) and thank (Win Bassett).

Letters | Popes, Councils, & Scarcity at the Supermarket

Of Councils & Popes Francis Oakley’s article (“Authoritative & Ignored,” October 24, 2014) is provocative and interesting, but some of...

Letters | Dealing with disability

'I am surprised and saddened that the editors would print such a remark.' The author responds.
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