Letters | More on that '70s church

Continuing Cathy Kaveny's conversation about catechesis, one reader raises a challenge for the church.

Letters | Soviets & Synods

Readers respond to stories on the emotional causes of war, the synod on the family, and curial reform.

Letters | Poetry & Politics, Fearful Asymmetry

Responses from readers to recently published articles on poetry and politics, book reviews, and more.

Letters | But Was Aquinas Right?

Gary Gutting responds to Brian Davies regarding Denys Turner’s 'Thomas Aquinas: A Portrait.'

Letters | Dead Language, Gender Handicaps

Readers write in favor of using "cup" over "chalice" in the mass, and respond to Cardinal Walter Kasper's remarks about women's ordination.

Letters | Women Religious, Christian Wiman

Readers respond to stories on the LCWR and Christian Wiman.

Letters | Episcopal Authority, Gutting Aquinas

Readers respond to John Thiel, Gary Gutting, and more.

Letters | Chinese names, curing clericalism

Readers correct misused Chinese names, and respond to stories on the decline of RCIA and the cure for clericalism.

Letters | Fact or Fiction? Burke v. Paine

Readers respond to stories on Edmund Burke vs.Thomas Paine, military chaplains, and the canonization of John Paul II and John XXIII.

Letters | Unbelief, Just War, Celibacy

Readers respond to stories on Nietzsche, just-war pacifists, and other recent pieces.

Letters | The Amish, Obamacare, Bad Vows

Letters from readers on our stories about the Amish, the Affordable Care Act, and the nature of vows.

Letters | Darwinian ethics, Jesus & the Jews

Readers write on Elizabeth A. Johnson's two-part feature on Darwin (and the author replies); plus, responses to our feature on the state of Jewish-Catholic dialogue.
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