Letters | The Amish, Obamacare, Bad Vows

Letters from readers on our stories about the Amish, the Affordable Care Act, and the nature of vows.

Letters | Darwinian ethics, Jesus & the Jews

Readers write on Elizabeth A. Johnson's two-part feature on Darwin (and the author replies); plus, responses to our feature on the state of Jewish-Catholic dialogue.

Letters | The Polish underground, tithes & alms, etc.

Readers respond to stories on Jan Karski, parish collections, and just warriors in unjust wars.

Letters | Darwin, Israel & ‘Mary Poppins’

Readers write on Elizabeth A. Johnson, Margaret O'Brien Steinfels, and 'Mary Poppins.'

Letters | Passing on the Faith, Married Priests

Readers continue to respond to two of our most talked-about stories.

Letters | Married Priests, Mourning a Miscarriage

Readers respond to stories by Richard Gaillardetz and Agnes Howard.

Letters | Chatting with Francis, the church & the Jews

Spoofs, the importance of context, and "wild things."

Letters | Gay marriage, anti-Semitism, the Bible

Imperfect unions, the poison of anti-Semitism, acts of theology.

Letters: Syria, Same-Sex Marriage, Christians & Politics

Readers respond on Joseph Bottum, Christians in Syria, and the definition of "marriage."

Letters: Catholic Universities, Weddings, Cremation

Readers respond on Catholic universities, weddings, and cremation.

Letters: Abortion Stalemate & Author's Reply

Readers write, with comments on biological facts, the strengths of Catholic moral thought, and absolutism; Peter Steinfels replies.

Letters: Abortion & Law; The Makings of a Saint

On Steinfels's 'Beyond the Stalemate' and Cummings's 'Native Daughters'
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