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The Qu'ran at Notre Dame?

Brooding in 1938 about the degree to which the future has a distressing way of taking us by surprise, the Anglo-French author Hilaire Belloc, so admired by his...

Christ in the Classroom

Every now and again, I reflect on teaching and the relevance of the methods used by Jesus. Even without the miracles and the content of the message, some of...

Buried Treasure

Does biblical scholarship benefit the church? Such a question seems ridiculous at first glance, yet it has often given me pause. While the church has placed a...

To What End?

In Plato’s Apology, Socrates’s claim to be wiser than anyone else in Athens rests on a paradoxical assertion-that he, at least, knows he is...

The End of Education

What should be the distinctive calling of the American Catholic university or college here and now? It should be to challenge its secular counterparts by...

Identity Crisis

The argument isn’t new: Most Catholic colleges are in imminent danger of losing whatever religiously grounded distinctiveness they still possess. Melanie...

Searching for Bedrock

Cosmopolitanism Ethics in a World of Strangers Kwame Anthony Appiah Norton, $23.95, 196 pp. _____________________________ Philosophy, John Dewey said, is...

Catholicism on Campus

On leafy Stockton Street, a short walk from the Princeton campus, sits the Aquinas Institute, home to the university’s Catholic ministry program. Housed...

Look Before You Sign

The revised, and now Vatican-approved, local ordinances ["U.S. norms"] of the Catholic bishops of the United States for the implementation of the 1990...

Abandon All Hope All Who Enter

For shock value, the headline in the (March 5) New York Times—"Catholics Adopt More Liberal Attitudes During Their Years in College, a Survey Finds"—ranked up there...

We Hold These Truths

As the dean of a law school, I spend much time meeting our graduates. They have many stories about the colorful characters who taught them. The most popular...

The Author Replies

I can address only a few of Stephen Pope’s welcome questions. First, I agree that undergraduate teaching is a prime opportunity for theology to contribute to the...
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