Better than Nature?

Of all the medical technologies that have come along in the past fifty years or so, few have seemed more provocative than advances in genetic technologies. For some...


Not all religions have imposed moral precepts upon their adherents, but all those known as “world religions” have made such a firm connection between their practice...

No Labels, Please

Sometimes, when talking to younger audiences, the theologian Lisa Sowle Cahill will describe herself as a “relic” of the distant and benighted era before the Second...

Heroes & Villains

In the apocalyptic closing lines of After Virtue, Alasdair MacIntyre worries about the contemporary West’s decline into moral barbarism. If my account of our moral...

The Rush to Repeal

Liberals may lament the administration’s failure to make progress on immigration and climate-change legislation in this congressional session, but it may be time to...

Catholic Unity

With regret and some trepidation, Commonweal and many other prolife Catholic commentators and organizations, including the Catholic Health Association, disagreed...

The Banality of Eagleton

 “Evil is not something we should lose too much sleep over,” according to Terry Eagleton. How much sleeplessness is just enough? In February 1993, two ten-year...

Techno sapiens?

There is by now an extensive literature on current and prospective developments in genetic engineering aimed at altering our children. One group of commentators...

America's Blind Spot

The concept of the common good, ancient in origin, would seem on the face of it an ideal foundation for health-care reform. We all get sick and depend on others to...

Moving Beyond the Culture Wars

Writing in the August 14 issue of Commonweal (“End of Discussion”), the Christian ethicist Gilbert Meilaender eulogized President George W. Bush's Council on...

End of Discussion

I have taught ethics in the religion departments of several very different colleges and universities for quite a few years, and there are moments when I wish that I...

Right Tune, Wrong Words

Before the December release of Dignitas personae, it had been twenty years since the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) came out with a bioethics...
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Heroes & Villains

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Techno sapiens?

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