Life After Faith

Is humanity better or worse off believing in the sacred? Kitcher has not provided new reasons for declaring the death of God, but he certainly makes it seem foolish.

At Our Mercy

We have failed utterly to protect our planet and those who share it with us. For Christians, this constitutes a profound break with God.

Darwin’s Tree of Life

An exclusive excerpt from Elizabeth A. Johnson's forthcoming book, 'Ask the Beasts: Darwin and the God of Love.'

Darwin’s Nagging Doubt

Nagel’s writings about mind have long provoked controversy, but his latest book is, to many of his fellow intellectuals, outrageous. I think he's on to something.

Nagel’s Untimely Idea

Assessing philosopher Thomas Nagel’s argument that "the Neo-Darwinian conception of nature is almost certainly wrong."

Saving Faith

When was the last time you saw dozens of people lining up for a philosopher’s autograph? That’s what happened in the sprawling basement of a Marietta, Georgia,...

Natural Enemies?

The scientific discoveries of the past four centuries are the most significant intellectual achievement in human history. We have come to understand the deep...

Their Antlers Are Too Big

Robert H. Frank is a Cornell economist who is happy to rethink the axioms of his trade when they don’t square with real-world outcomes. To appreciate how refreshing...


Last month, the Committee on Doctrine of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a critique [PDF] of theologian Elizabeth A. Johnson’s book Quest for...

Podcast: Guy Consolmagno

"I'm as much a missionary of science to Catholics as I am a missionary of religion to science," says Br. Consolmagno, SJ. Listen to the interview here or...

What Science Can't Offer

Readers of this book expecting a reply to Richard Dawkins will be disappointed. Richard Grigg agrees with Dawkins that traditional Christian belief is in lethal...

The Breath of Life

The idea that we must be as good as we can be to this damaged world is essential, as is the idea that it is damaged and that until it is restored in God's time, we...
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Life After Faith

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Natural Enemies?

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Their Antlers Are Too Big

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What Science Can't Offer

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Faulty Design

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