Poem | Eagle

She releases the earth, every dawn, opens like day and closes like night. The human highway is nothing to her, blunt in its purpose, coursing to no...

Poem | Sacred Oil

Priests— I found this outside on the pavers by the parked car, the Legacy. It may be life for the dying. It must be one of yours.

Poem | El Greco's Evangelist

Paint. Paint the soft lines / of damp cheeks across a canvas. / Paint the deep eyes, the little / hand and the orb. / Splash some color along the curve / of her...

'After Roe'

Mary Ziegler's account of the "lost" history of Roe may surprise even the closest (and oldest) observers of the battles following the 1973 Supreme Court decision.

Letters | Labor's losses, 'parvity,' hands off the ointment

Readers write in about Scott Walker's battle with organized labor, Ronald Reagan, FDR, vomit, extreme unction, and sins—mortal and otherwise.

'The Martian' & 'Bridge of Spies'

To hell with postmodern irony. Here are two earnest movies with straight-arrow heroes: "The Martian," with Matt Damon, and "Bridge of Spies," with Tom Hanks.

Bookmarks | Poetry, Poets & Sacredness

James Booth examines Philip Larkin’s life and work. Colm Tóibín writes on Elizabeth Bishop. James Wood looks at religious and secular modes of narration in novels.

Last Word: Damascus Road

In prewar Syria,  I found a place of beauty, peace, and coexistence that most Westerners either never knew of or have already forgotten.

The Challenge of Being Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan has always wanted to be several things at once, which makes for a hard balancing act. He knows his faith teaches compassion, but he's also an ideologue.

Letter from Rome

Pope Francis made two surprising announcements in Italian archdioceses—steps to change "the mentality and complexion" of church hierarchy. He’s run into opposition.

Joe Biden's Dignity

His withdrawal speech sounded like an announcement speech, and it captured the aching ambivalence of Joe Biden. So why didn’t he run the race he wanted to join?

Letter from Rome: "Healthy Decentralization" Gone Awry

Synod Fathers prepare to vote on final document; Pope reminds bishops of Vatican-II hope for episcopal collegiality; More "servant-leader" pastors appointed bishops
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