A girl altar server carries Pope Benedict XVI's zucchetto during his visit to St. Maximilian Kolbe Parish in Rome

Passing On the Alb

I think by now it's safe to say that altar girls are a positive part of Catholic life. Young women who serve the priest at Mass benefit from taking an active...

Righting the Rites

This thoughtful and judicious book by a prominent American liturgical scholar reports on and evaluates several now familiar critiques of the reform of Catholic...

Virgil & the Vigil

With so many scientists, beekeepers, and agricultural stakeholders in a lather over “colony collapse disorder”—the mysterious phenomenon that is causing the...

Liturgy & Reunion

The late Methodist liturgical scholar James White once said: “Why teach ecumenism when you can teach liturgy?” White knew whereof he spoke, having taught for...

Why I Became Catholic

I am a child of Vatican II. Without it, I doubt I would be a Catholic today. Brought up as an Anglican, I would surely never have found my way into the church that...

Table Manners

The Gospels describe a characteristic of Jesus that really got the attention of his contemporaries. He was evidently rather surprising in his choice of table...

The Liturgical Drowse

When I’m at Mass, I often find myself at the edge of sleep and occasionally right over it into a twenty-second burst of shallow, eye-closing, neck-relaxing sleep....

An Interview with Dave Brubeck

Ian Marcus Corbin talks with jazz great Dave Brubeck about music, Catholicism, and liturgy.

All In?

I have been celebrating the Eucharist in German since moving to Münster from Louvain, Belgium, in December 2006. I came to improve my German and to do research for...

Be Still

Even by modern standards, 2008 was a cacophonous year. The high-stakes presidential election brought constant and clamorous media coverage, and anxiety over the...

Mystery or Mystification?

A couple of years ago I received two requests. The first: to preside at a Latin novus ordo Mass, the post–Vatican II rite in Latin. The second: to say a funeral...

Between Reform & Rupture

The last four popes all participated in the Second Vatican Council (1962–65) either as bishop or peritus (theological adviser), and it is clear that their legacies...
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