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Breaking the Silence

In December a brutal gang rape stunned all of India. Protesters poured out onto the streets every day for weeks in New Delhi (where the rape occurred), as well as...

Change at the Pentagon

During his first term, President Barack Obama steered a middle course that displeased people on both extremes of the political spectrum. His health-care law...

Reagan Is Obama's Touchstone

To understand how Barack Obama sees himself and his presidency, don't look to Franklin Roosevelt or Abraham Lincoln. Obama's role model is Ronald Reagan -- and that...

Hide & Seek

If you knew only the plots of Argo and Zero Dark Thirty, you might conclude that they are sibling movies. Both are based on actual events—respectively, the rescue...

Second Act

Barack Hussein Obama can begin his second term liberated by the confidence that he is already a landmark figure in American history. His task is not to manufacture...

Imperial Illusions

On the morning of October 9, 2009, Barack Obama learned that he had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. That afternoon, in an irony that would probably not have...

We're Not in Decline or Retreat

We are about to have a major foreign policy debate in the guise of a confirmation battle over Chuck Hagel's nomination as secretary of defense and the related...


A few years ago, my husband Raviand I walked to our local police station at one in the morning to complain about blaring music from a jaagran being conducted a few...

Syrian Chemical Weapons Threat: Eerily Familiar?

Since the beginning of December, military gas (sarin, a nerve agent) has claimed a major place in discussion of the civil war in Syria. The Syrian government has...

A Serious Question

What exactly is it that Israel intends to do with the Palestinians now in the territories that it has just opened for home construction for Jewish settlers, thereby...

Obama and Drones

It is no secret that President Barack Obama has conducted a very aggressive—and by many measures effective—campaign of targeted killings against Al Qaeda and the...

Gaza Redux

With Israel again bombarding Gaza and gathering troops for another potentially devastating incursion into the Hamas-controlled Palestinian enclave, it is tempting...
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