Jewish-Christian Relations

Benedict, German Catholics & the Holocaust

Justus George Lawler  John Connelly’s previous contributions to Commonweal—particularly his balanced assessment of Fear, Jan T. Gross’s book on the Kielce...

Praying for the Jews

John T. Pawlikowski  On February 5, the Vatican published Pope Benedict XVI’s updated Tridentine-rite Good Friday prayer for the Jews. “Let us also pray for...

Reformer & Racialist

Recently, a friend sent a color postcard from Poland, showing Pope Benedict XVI waving to a crowd and proclaiming: “The church looks upon the past with serenity,...

The Beginning of the Beginning

One of the most embarrassing experiences of my life occurred at a colloquium in London organized by the Sisters of Sion. This Catholic order was set up to promote...

Le Bulldozer

What is the fate-“grace,” some would say-that brings a fourteen-year-old named Aaron, grandson of a Polish rabbi and the son of humble French...

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Every week for the past five years, there have been news stories of U.S. soldiers being killed in Iraq or Afghanistan; stories of Israeli Jews either attacking...

No Excuse

Pius XII failed to speak out against the Nazi murder of Jews because he feared making things even worse. German bishops failed to condemn Nazi atrocities...

Stories Have Consequences

Has any relationship between world faiths been more fraught with ambivalence than that between Christians and Jews? Christian identity contains within it a...

‘The Passion' Redux

Last summer I visited Lorrach, Germany, a southern Black Forest city from which my father, his parents, and brother fled in order to escape the Nazis in 1938....

Uncharted Waters

It has been almost forty-one years since Nostra aetate, the Second Vatican Council’s Declaration on the Relationship of the Church to Non-Christian Religions,...

Pivotal Figure

Those who knew Sr. Rose Thering, OP, as a fellow nun, a friend, colleague, teacher, or activist, mourn her death and celebrate her courage. Although she lived...

Benedict at Auschwitz

Pope Benedict’s XVI’s recent visit to Auschwitz, during which he conspicuously failed to voice repentance for the Catholic Church’s nearly two millennia of anti-...
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