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Let Trump Be Heard

Just before the Illinois Republican primary on March 15, violence broke out at a Donald Trump rally in Chicago. Hundreds of anti-Trump demonstrators had gathered in the hall, with protests starting before the candidate was scheduled to appear on stage. Tensions escalated, and Trump postponed the event; when the announcement came that Trump would not appear, punches were thrown and the fighting began. As police tried to restore order, the protesters, and many of their supporters, celebrated.

Letters | Infallibility, race & representation, a messy faith


Regarding “It’s Nothing Personal” (February 12): My academic credentials come nowhere near my longtime friend George Wilson’s; however, I can’t allow that to keep me from saying that I find incredible the very concept of church infallibility, whether personal or institutional.


It is difficult to know what to make of Donald Trump’s bawdy political ascendency. What is certain is that the man who has promised to build a wall across the Mexico-U.S.

An Original

By all accounts Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was a larger-than-life figure, a man of great personal charm and prodigious intellectual gifts who was beloved by his admirers and respected by many of his critics. Scalia was also a very visible and outspoken Catholic. Jesuit-educated, the father of nine, he was a Latin Mass enthusiast, and claimed to be an ardent believer in the Devil.

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I just wanted to write and let you know that I loved your recent editorial, “Don’t Shut the Door” (December 18). Even though I haven’t been a practicing Catholic since I was a little girl, I still love your stance on many social issues like refugees. Jesus said, “Whatever you do to the least of these, you do unto me.” With so many of our country’s leaders professing the Christian faith, you’d hope they would keep that Scripture in mind.

Lenten Reflections 2016

Through the Lenten season, Fr. Joseph A. Komonchak, a longtime Commonweal contributor, will be providing excerpts of his translations of the writing of St. Augustine. A new reflection will appear every day, at the Lenten Reflections 2016 page. You can get to the page from anywhere on our site; just look for the Lenten Reflections 2016 link in our blue Trending Topics bar at the top of this or any page. And make sure to come back each day, now through Easter, for a new reflection.

Union Dues & Don'ts

Labor unions can be corrupt, obstructionist, and maddeningly bureaucratic. They are also important mediating institutions—John Paul II called them “indispensable”—that serve as a counterweight and check on government as well as corporate power. In that role, unions are essential to the health of democracy, and crucial to promoting participation in the political process.

Our Theological Books Issue

Our Theological Books issue is now live. You can read Terrence W.