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Morbid Symptoms

“The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born. In this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms occur.”—Antonio...

The Gilded Age vs. the 21st Century

The 2012 campaign began on Aug. 2, 2011, when President Obama signed the deal ending the debt-ceiling fiasco. At that moment, the president relinquished his last...

How Do You Vote for Compromise?

Here's where we have arrived as a country: We are so polarized that even compromise has become a partisan issue.As the 2012 campaign closes, bipartisanship and "...

‘Intrinsic Evil’ & Public Policy

Everyone knows what the Catholic Church teaches about abortion, right? It is an “intrinsically evil act.” Yet the answers of Joe Biden and Paul Ryan in the recent...

How the Right Wing Lost in 2012

The right wing has lost the election of 2012.The evidence for this is overwhelming, yet it is the year's best-kept secret. Mitt Romney would not be throwing...

From Etch A Sketch to Sketchy

"Lead from behind" may be a sound bite the Obama administration regrets, but debating from behind is clearly something President Obama is very good at. He got the...

Biden Puts Ryan on the Defensive

What a difference a week makes. In the first presidential debate, President Obama let Mitt Romney's attacks on him stand, and seemed disengaged. Vice President Joe...

Defining the Debate Game

In this week's debate, Mitt Romney has too much to do. President Obama has a great deal to lose. Romney's is the most difficult position. Obama's is the most...

Two Cities, Two Americas

Nobody claimed it was the best of times. Either it was the worst of times, as the Republicans insisted in Tampa, or it could have been even worse, as the Democrats...

Feeding the Beast

When the Washington Post reported in May that as a teenager Mitt Romney had bullied a fellow student in his high school, it struck me once again how much political...

Executive Overreach

For campaign operatives and cable-news anchors, it is a job requirement to insist earnestly, if overconfidently, that each upcoming election is historic, realigning...

The Most Important Election Since 1932?

You don’t have to be a Republican to consider Barack Obama a less-than-ideal president. Indeed, disappointment with the president is rife among progressives. Taking...
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