Benedict in the Dock

Benedict's action (and inaction) surrounding the sex abuse crisis isn't good enough. Mistakes can be forgiven; what breeds mistrust is the refusal to admit error.

Fraternal Correction

The Catholic Church in the United States owes its sister church in Ireland a great deal. It was the Irish who first brought our faith to these shores in great...

Coming Home

Last year I got a call from an administrator at a Midwestern seminary with a reputation for its “take no prisoners” conservative theology. He had permission to...

Sequestered No More

Who are your peers? Or, more precisely, whom do you consider your peers? And are they the same folks you would want to sit in judgment of you on a jury? These...

Incompatible Freedoms?

Reasonable people can disagree about the merits of same-sex marriage. Reasonable people should recognize, though, that the adoption of same-sex marriage will bring...

Free to Be Fathers?

Home GameAn Accidental Guide to FatherhoodMichael LewisW. W. Norton & Co., $23.95, 192 pp.________________________________________ The Daddy Shift How Stay-at-...

Do Women Have Souls?

“Woman has always been unfairly discriminated against by man,” commencement speaker Henry Edmunds told the Philadelphia High School for Girls class of...

Thou Shalt

Go into any gym and you’ll see people improving themselves. The woman on the biceps machine is building strength in that muscle, perfecting her natural attribute by...

Sex, Religion & Prop 8

The vote on California’s Proposition 8 in the November election shocked and dismayed the gay community—and surprised others who thought it was a shoo-in vote for...

Married? With Children?

The Civil Partnership Act of 2004 has been in force in the United Kingdom for almost three years. A civil partnership confers on same-sex couples the same mutual...


There is a place where even the liberal Catholic press fears to tread. The relative lack of serious discussion about homosexual desire casts into spiritual darkness...

And Baby Makes Two

The McCain-Palin campaign says it’s for change, and it certainly delivered change with its abrupt abandonment of the long-standing conservative view of teen...
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