Kids, Raised Catholic

Younger Readers Respond to Our Symposium

The parents who contributed to Commonweal's "Raising Catholic Kids" symposium offered their accounts of bringing up children in the faith, describing challenges and presenting their hopes for the church their children might inherit. We asked some younger Catholics to compose responses to the stories in our symposium; their reflections are collected here.

'Hiking Down Another Path'

As a 22-year old with a college degree, I am far more likely to have been a “none” than the invested Catholic that I am, but it’s hard for me to really comprehend the fact that I’m demographically an oddball. That’s...

'The Freedom to Love It'

When I was eight, I imagined that purgatory was something like a large hotel. Some distinguished guests, like my grandfather or my Aunt Annie, would check in only for a night or two. Your average Joe was probably looking at anywhere between a two-...

'A Faith that Could Be Our Own'

I must confess: I am a twenty-something practicing Catholic. Yes, I am young. And yes, I have plenty of friends who are Mass-going Catholics, too. And if you must know, I am also twenty-something religious sister. What, you might ask, did my parents...

'In Spite of Myself'

When I was in high school, before I made my obedient and insincere confirmation, I fought with my parents every Sunday morning.
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