What's the story....?

...or I mean narrative...? maybe--make that an account?As matters have developed since Sunday (make that, early Monday Pakistan time), many details of the invasion/assault/capture/shoot-out/ of you-know-who have shifted. So "stuff happens," and U.S. Seals (24, 70, or 200 of them) are probably still being debriefed, or shooting the breeze, or whatever. And it appears several congressional types on various intelligence committees don't know intelligence when they pronounce on it (talk about the ISI!!).Maybe the deconstructed, post-modernist, rhetoric specialists among us can explain the difference between a story, a narrative, an account--all phrases in wide use in the paper of record and on the Newshour to describe events/facts/appearances/phantasms of the past five days (or is it six?).

Margaret O'Brien Steinfels, a former editor of Commonweal, writes frequently in these pages.

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