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New Pew Poll Tool

The folks over at the Pew Forum have a new interactivegraph that allows you to look at support for the two presidential candidates by religious affiliation and degree of religious practice.I know, you're dying to know what the Catholic numbers are, right? Among all Catholics, Obama has a 15 point lead. Since he's essentially tied with Romney among White Catholics, I suspect Obama is running up very large margins among Latino Catholics, but the tool doesn't provide that breakdown.

What Wasn't Said

One of the most well-received speeches at last weeks Democratic National Convention was the one given by Sister Simone Campbell, Executive Director of NETWORK, a Catholic social justice lobby founded and supported by American women religious.

Whose voice?

The weblog Democratic Strategist has posted a document entitled "A Letter to a 'Middle of the Road Moderate' non-Latino Friend about the Moral Difference Between Democrats and Republicans." The letter, written by James Vega, is a response to a comment from a friend that "I don't believe the people who dominate the Republican Party are really any less emphatic to

Back to School?

Scarcely a week after comments from Archbishop Lori that suggested he had forgotten the distinction between formal and material cooperation with evil, we now have another bishop who appears to need some remedial education in moral theology.In a column published this week (HT: In All Things), Bishop Robert Morlin

A Strategy for the Center-Left?

John Allen has posted an intriguing column on the future of the center-left within the Catholic Church in the United States. He notes that there are a large number of American Catholics who, while not enamored of recent positions taken by the U.S. bishops, are nevertheless committed to working within the system so to speak.

Read Them and Weep

In its recent statement regarding the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith noted that its principal means of assessing the doctrinal fidelity of the LCWR was a review of keynote and leadership addresses at the LCWR annual assembly. Many of the documents in question are publicly available on the LCWR web site.

Inequality, Understood.

I came across this table in the Atlantic Monthly today (originally posted at the AEI blog) that does a great job illustrating some of the central issues in the debate over inequality.

Catholics Continue to Swing

Last week the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life released a new analysis of trend in political party identification by various religious communities. The overall finding is that, between 2008 and 2010, Republicans made significant gains among all religious groups, with the largest gains coming among White Catholics (+8 percent points), Jews (+9 points), and Mormons (+12 points).

BTW, the name "Halo" is already taken.

John Paul the Great University in San Diego is advertising itself on Facebook as the "Catholic Gaming School." Endorsed as "authentically Catholic" by the Cardinal Newman Society, the university is offering a degree in computer gaming design. Students will:

"Design, build, and demo your own game in front of industry professionals

Making it in America

The Atlantic Monthly has an excellent article on the future of manufacturing in the United States, which is also something of a meditation on declining opportunities for workers with low and moderate skill levels: