Poem | A Large Elm on Route 5

Detail from the bark of a Chinese Elm (Anders Lorentsen/Unsplash)

You ask what I am at last but
understand the answer is not

subject to form or rather it is in
the form of myself,

cellulose compounds
endlessly recomposing.

I am standing by dint
of parts in tension,

for living is motion,
ends are beginnings

and hydrogen’s cleaving
begets all shining.

I am molten, ongoing,
shot from the heart

of all making
always giving up

to the gladdening
river that is myself.

Published in the January 2023 issue: 

Elizabeth Poreba is a retired New York City high school English teacher. Her work has appeared in the Southern Poetry Review, the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, and Commonweal, among other print and online publications. She has published two poetry collections, Vexed and Self Help: A Guide for the Retiring and one chapbook, The Family Calling. Her work can also be found in This Full Green Hour, an anthology published by the One O’Clock Poets.

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