(Sara Erasmo/Unsplash)

A philodendron
comes on like a lamp
as late winter sun
turns a corner of this house.
Such deep light!
Some of it must begin
inside the leaves.

Across the room a piano waits.
     It wants to let out a sonata,
          possibly blues, perhaps jazz,
               maybe Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Those leaves are hands. Long-fingered, engaged
               with the quiet living-room air

          which wouldn’t mind
          a burst of music

     or a drift of fog
up against the corner window.

Marjorie Power’s newest poetry chapbook, Refuses to Suffocate, was recently released in Volume VII of the Delphi series by Blue Lyra Press. Her newest full-length collection is Oncoming Halos (Kelsay Books). She has been published in Southern Poetry Review, Mudfish, and the Comstock Review. She can be found at www.marjoriepowerpoet.com.

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