Poem | Coexistence

(Sara Erasmo/Unsplash)

A philodendron
comes on like a lamp
as late winter sun
turns a corner of this house.
Such deep light!
Some of it must begin
inside the leaves.

Across the room a piano waits.
     It wants to let out a sonata,
          possibly blues, perhaps jazz,
               maybe Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Those leaves are hands. Long-fingered, engaged
               with the quiet living-room air

          which wouldn’t mind
          a burst of music

     or a drift of fog
up against the corner window.

Published in the November 2020 issue: 

Marjorie Power’s newest poetry chapbook, Refuses to Suffocate, was recently released in Volume VII of the Delphi series by Blue Lyra Press. Her newest full-length collection is Oncoming Halos (Kelsay Books). She has been published in Southern Poetry Review, Mudfish, and the Comstock Review. She can be found at www.marjoriepowerpoet.com.

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