We just posted our September 9 issue to the website. In this issue, we feature Kathleen DeSutter Jordan's remembrance of Ann Manganaro, SL; the editors on why Hillary Clinton’s embrace of the Democratic Party’s call to repeal the Hyde Amendment—the prohibition on federal funding for most abortions—is disheartening mistake; and Jo McGowan's piece about why we shouldn't listen to Donald Trump—it’s not terrorism we should be worrying about. 

In our books section, James J. Sheehan reviews two books about American wars in the Middle East (and their hubris): America’s War for the Greater Middle East by Commonweal contributor Andrew Bacevich and Mission Failure by Michael Mandelbaum. In another historical book review, Tom Deignan takes on the The Princeton History of Modern Ireland which examines Irish history outside the lens of English colonialism. Then, Valerie Sayers recommends Edna O'Brien's bracing Little Red Chairs.

That's not nearly all. See the whole table of contents here.


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