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We’ve just posted our latest issue to the website. Among the highlights: J. Peter Nixon on the state of Obamacare, two years in; Cathleen Kaveny on the right to life vs. the rule of law and how prolife activists “need to develop a conceptual framework that supports their abhorrence of vigilante justice as much as it does their rejection of abortion”; and Margaret O’Brien Steinfels on metaphysics, Marilynne Robinson, and the meaning of “eternally begotten.” There’s more, and you can see it all here.

Also, just posted: E. J. Dionne Jr. writes on the state of today’s two major political parties, and how one of them has clearly embraced “the United States of Now in all of its raucous diversity” even if it has held far too few presidential debates.

Finally, a publishing note: With Christmas approaching and 2015 winding down, we’ll be posting some special Christmas and year-end features now through next week, including a few of our favorite pieces from the archive and a look back at our most popular book and movie reviews of 2015. Also, at the dotCommonweal blog, be on the lookout for our “staff picks”—write-ups from those of us here in the office on the books we enjoyed reading this year.

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