The Bus to Birmingham

Way back in the twentieth century, when I decided to pursue doctoral work in theology, I never imagined that I would one day teach in an Oxford college. Neither did...

Catholic Vermont

Late in her life, the Vermont historian Abby Maria Hemenway recalled that, while she was a young girl in the early 1840s, she had a vision of Our Lady in a field...

Getting the History Right

Pope Benedict XVI’s Summorum pontificum, issued motu proprio (as an executive order), universally permits celebrating the sacrifice of the Mass according to the...

One Cheer

One is tempted to begin, Parturiebant montes, so great were the fears on one side and the expectations on the other concerning Pope Benedict’s long-awaited motu...

Widening Our Hearts

Pope Benedict’s Summorum pontificum and its accompanying “Letter to the Bishops,” issued last month, will theoretically make the so-called Tridentine Mass more...

Ratzinger at Vatican II

A look at the recently re-published writings of Ratzinger during Vatican II, and how his stances on certain issues have or have not changed since becoming pope.


While I took Lent and Easter more seriously than ever this year—in terms of prayer, Scriptural reading, reflection, and discipline—I didn’t go to Mass. In fact, I...

Who Is Benedict XVI?

History & Mystery: John C. Cavadini reviews the second volume of Benedict XVI's Jesus of NazarethRatzinger at Vatican II, by John WilkinsBenedict in the Dock,...

A Bricklayer’s Son

Stanley Hauerwas is the most immediately likable bombthrower I have ever met. I first encountered him and his essays during that part of the 1970s I spent in the...


Much is being made of rumors that the Vatican will soon issue a decree mandating that the priest celebrate the Mass ad orientem (“toward the East” and, presumably,...

Feeding the Hungry

Whenever I read an article that advocates refusing the Eucharist to people whose public politics conflict with church teachings, it worries me. I find I have a lot...
A girl altar server carries Pope Benedict XVI's zucchetto during his visit to St. Maximilian Kolbe Parish in Rome

Passing On the Alb

I think by now it's safe to say that altar girls are a positive part of Catholic life. Young women who serve the priest at Mass benefit from taking an active...
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