By day thirty-seven, he’d broken dozens of rules, so what was one more? He went up and introduced himself to the woman in front of the Soyuz space capsule.

Fiction | Exhibit A


The Relic Thief

Although Italians were officially despised by the grownups in Paul’s Irish family, everyone seemed to have at least one Italian best friend.


By the time Diego moved in, I was forty and Diego fifty, our marginal existences long established. We ranted about the torture regime he once fled. We danced tangos.

Workers of the World

Because I’d read all the relevant names in college, my family made the error of looking to me to help mend my brother Vin’s blighted mind, to somehow rescue him.

Down to the River

“When Sonny died, I hadn’t stepped foot in a church in twenty years. Not to get married, not while I was going through chemo, not when my husband left me.”

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