Catholic Unity

With regret and some trepidation, Commonweal and many other prolife Catholic commentators and organizations, including the Catholic Health Association, disagreed...

Ratzinger at Vatican II

A look at the recently re-published writings of Ratzinger during Vatican II, and how his stances on certain issues have or have not changed since becoming pope.


While I took Lent and Easter more seriously than ever this year—in terms of prayer, Scriptural reading, reflection, and discipline—I didn’t go to Mass. In fact, I...

Who Is Benedict XVI?

History & Mystery: John C. Cavadini reviews the second volume of Benedict XVI's Jesus of NazarethRatzinger at Vatican II, by John WilkinsBenedict in the Dock,...

A Bricklayer’s Son

Stanley Hauerwas is the most immediately likable bombthrower I have ever met. I first encountered him and his essays during that part of the 1970s I spent in the...

A Darkening

On the Wednesday after Easter, nine hundred Notre Dame students serenely walked into the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center to see a debate between Christopher...

Church of the ‘Times’

The New York Times isn’t fair. In its all-hands-on-deck drive to implicate the pope in diocesan cover-ups of abusive priests, the Times has relied on a steady...

A New Ecumenism

If the Holy See has changed the Church's methodology for ecumenical engagement with certain Anglicans, has it also implicitly changed the goal of such engagement?

Liturgy & Reunion

The late Methodist liturgical scholar James White once said: “Why teach ecumenism when you can teach liturgy?” White knew whereof he spoke, having taught for...

What Happened at the Council?

 The story is told of a teacher in the United States who asked a class what Vatican II was. Silence ensued. Finally, one of the young students raised a hand,...

At a Loss for Words

Pope Benedict XVI has put ecumenism high on his agenda. Right from the start of his papacy, he has reached out to other churches and stressed the unity of all...

Rome & Relativism

Commonweal asked three theologians, two Catholic and one Protestant, to assess Dominus Iesus. Their evaluations follow.
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