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The Weal's Spiritual Writing Workshop

There’s never a dull moment at the Weal’s monthly events.

This past Saturday, we hosted a workshop on spiritual writing. The discussion was scheduled to take place at a bar in Brooklyn, but an unusually large crowd for an afternoon at a dive intervened. The Palm Sunday pre-gamers were apparently out in full force. Fortunately, our short journey to find another spot turned out to be great chance to catch up or get to know each other.

The Weal's First Writing Workshop (with photos!)

Readers of dotCommonweal, especially young readers who live near New York City, might be interested to know that this past Saturday The Weal hosted its first writing workshop at the New York Public Library. The workshop focused on "writing online" and was led by digital editor Dominic Preziosi.

Commonweal Invents (& Introduces) The Weal

This weekend we’re kicking off our very first gathering of The Weal, a Commonweal-sponsored group for young folks (20s & 30s) in NYC.

The idea for this group arose some months ago. We were approached by a couple of local readers who wondered whether this type of group already existed. A group, essentially, that could provide a space for those interested in dynamic, intelligent conversations and could offer opportunities to attend lectures, workshops, exhibits, etc. with peers in the area.

The Weal's Kickoff Happy Hour

Photo Credits: Matt Mazeswki's and Ellen Koneck's iPhones