As a result of 23 years spent in daily journalism, it's not my way to discuss publicly who I vote for. The ethics codes at major news organizations discourage such advocacy, as they should. Fifteen years out from the newsroom, that practice sticks with me. But what I would say  is that on the eve of the Democratic primary in my state, I'm undecided between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

That was my response a few days ago when  a Sanders volunteer with the voice of a teenager called the house and asked who I was voting for.  The volunteer seemed stunned into silence for a few beats after I said, "I'm undecided." The caller didn't offer any arguments to vote for Sanders.

Indeed, after all the debates and the mass of news coverage, how is it possible to be undecided? But I am. What do do? I'll consider anything you have to say.


Paul Moses is the author, most recently, of The Italian Squad: The True Story of the Immigrant Cops Who Fought the Rise of the Mafia (NYU Press, 2023). He is a contributing writer. Twitter: @PaulBMoses.

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