For those of you following events here are some more (and other) comments/views, etc.

Francophones: Le Monde "The Ukraine Crisis in Five Minutes," a short history ending in the current crisis. My French is fading, but I could make it out.

David Ignatius in the Wash Post: "Putin's error in Ukraine Is the Kind that Leads to Disaster."

Dana Milbank in WP offers a vigorous riposte to Obama's critics ending in a mild defense of the president.

Ann Olivier forwards this: Time, "How Putin's Ukraine Invasion Is Already Losing in Ukraine."

Robert Hunter, former U.S. ambassador to NATO  (1993-98): Nato, Russia, and Ukraine.

Chancellor Angela Merkel: She may be the key to a stand-down. NYTimes, March 4

MORE: The British take: Do the U.S. and the EU know what they're doing?

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