Yes, we've got one, too. Right across the street. For those of you not familiar with Morningside Heights, it's called Riverside Church. Its tower looks a little like Yale's Harkness Tower, which is where Frank Lloyd Wright said he'd want to live if he had to live in New Haven -- so he wouldn't have to look at it. That's the way I feel about the Interchurch Center, the towering monolith Commonweal's offices are in: great views from every window in the building, all the better for not including the Interchurch Center. Its nickname is the God Box, and a mighty homely fortress it is.Anyway, Commonwealers are invited to stop by if they're ever in the neighborhood. We have no conferences planned, but we can promise a good view of the Hudson, and if you're lucky, Grant Gallicho might offer you some bourbon.

Matthew Boudway is senior editor of Commonweal.

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