Before Me

It was there
always and ever
and I had not seen it
sitting in the same chair
staring but not seeing
anything before me
while wanting
to be in some other place
I had never been
though imagining always
where it must be


When you sat down
I thought you would stay
as if being here
was always
where you wanted to be
with someone sitting beside you
resembling who you would always need


I am there
where I always wanted to be
in that place with sunlight
and the rock
and the man
perhaps myself
with a stick in his hand
and the ocean so far
he can’t wet
even his smallest finger

Jack Lindeman’s newest chapbook is Measuring Dorcas (Finishing Line Press). New poems have recently appeared in Abbey, California Quarterly, The Cape Rock, Chiron Review, Confrontation, and Poetry Now.

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