Poems | 'Believe' & 'Place'

Two Poems


Yes, I can be there
enclosed in my dark skin
wanting everything
my eyes can reach
not always available
to the length of my arms.

It’s a kind of greed,
but a man is naturally carnivorous
with his big teeth in a wide mouth
able to enclose
a hunger for words
as well as a slice of steak

while those places
I would like
to go to
all by myself
keep their lights on
under a dark sky.



This was not there
and only some other place
differently spelled
and therefore not remembered
as ever having been
what I supposed

Published in the October 9, 2015 issue: 

Jack Lindeman’s newest chapbook is Measuring Dorcas (Finishing Line Press). New poems have recently appeared in Abbey, California Quarterly, The Cape Rock, Chiron Review, Confrontation, and Poetry Now.

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