Theologies in Conflict

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According to Latinamerica Press, an “organized conspiracy” appears underway in Latin countries to do in the Theology of Liberation, so popular with church progressives anxious to end neo-colonialism, upgrade human rights, and improve the economic status of the continent’s poor. The “conspiracy” is reportedly being spearheaded by Father Roger Vekemans, S.J., a Belgian who left Chile when Salvadore Allende won election as President. He is alleged to be working with friends within the Latin American Bishops’ Council (CELAM), especially its secretary-general, Alfonso López Trujillo, Auxiliary Bishop of Bogotá. Vekemans’s tactic is to equate the Theology of Liberation with a theology of revolution and violence. “It is already preaching the ‘revolution’ of the church,” he maintains, “contesting her hierarchical authority and reducing her teachings to simple circumstantial writings, considered obsolete, if not counterrevolutionary.” The “saddest thing” about the process, he adds, is that it has caught up not merely militant priests, but “several theologians of renown” and some “weak authorities.”

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