Ready, aim...


As a theology professor and former Marine, I took great interest in Paul Lauritzen’s “Student Soldiers” (September 28). Lauritzen argues that ROTC provides well-educated leaders for the Army and is not incompatible with the vision that informs a modern Catholic university. I would add only that the substantial majority of ROTC students do not become career officers but return to civilian life, bringing the leadership and service ideals learned in ROTC to the greater community. I was pleased to see that Lauritzen actually bothered to find out what ROTC is about. His desire for the truth led him to participate in the Army’s Leadership Development Assessment Course. If only all those who are opposed to ROTC or the military would be so open-minded. People are astounded that I would go from a military career to being a theology professor. They seem to assume that these two careers are diametrically opposed. In truth, there is a common thread that runs through both. I have spent my adult life in the service of my fellow man and in service to a larger ideal. Service in the military can be viewed as a willingness to lay down one’s life for one’s fellow man; it is certainly a commitment to serve the common good.

Great Falls, Mont.



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