You may have noticed a different look to this issue’s cover. That’s because it marks the end of an era in Commonweal cover-design history. After three years at the helm, and the last several months working on the redesign of the magazine, Liska + Associates has decided to move on to other pastures. It was a good run-so good that, under Liska’s tenure, for the first time in a long time Commonweal won a Catholic Press Association award for best cover (“Are the Bishops Listening?”-the one with the big ear). In many ways, Liska’s work expanded our notion of what a Commonweal cover could be. To them, our heartfelt thanks.

And to our new cover designer Richard Angeloni, welcome! As you can see, the man has talent. Since he’s a former marketing art director for the Wall Street Journal, we’re not surprised. We’re not expecting the Angeloni regime to carry out any radical cover-design policies, but we are certainly looking forward to his distinctive style in the covers to come. 

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