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“While writing [the Gloria] I had in mind those Crozzoli frescoes with angels sticking out their tongues, and also some solemn-looking Benedictine monks that I saw playing football one day.”
—Francis Poulenc

I saw the monks cavorting in the avenue,
kicking a ball back and forth on roadside dirt,
nearly dancing, coal-hot feet catching
and releasing the white orb. For what
they played, and bowed a great Laudamus
Te, I couldn’t see. But wanted to
join in the fun, for all their banter,
pushing, panting, came from and went towards

Published in the October 2023 issue: View Contents

Magda Andrews-Hoke lives in Philadelphia. She studied theology and the arts at the University of St. Andrews and was a 2019 recipient of the Frederick Mortimer Clapp Fellowship for Poetry.

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