(Eilis Garvey/Unsplash)

Burgundy geometries of waiting chairs recede
and magazines flap open behind us

as we smack through overpasses
like waves of a whopping headache
and rowers in late sun
dip trim oars into the Charles in unison.

Ibrutinib.  Ibrutinib.

There is a discipline, a sport to hope:
to pray for prayers that break the surface whether

you’re better or (please Jesus never)

Published in the March 2021 issue: View Contents

Danielle Chapman is a poet and essayist. Her collection of poems, Delinquent Palaces, was published by Northwestern University Press in 2015. Her poems have appeared in the Atlantic and the New Yorker, and her essays can be found in the Oxford American and Poetry. She teaches literature and creative writing at Yale.

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