Poem | Gunflint Lake: Sunset

the truth is the light and light is the truth
from Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man

A fiery sun
made a path toward us
on the rippled water
and scattered pink shavings
over the rest.

Night was falling.
Our differences encircled
us and a chill air.

But the light. It gathered us
at the edge of the lake,
and we stood.
We were pilgrims of the light.

Published in the September 11, 2015 issue: 

Franco Pagnucci, emeritus professor of English at University of Wisconsin-Platteville, has published a chapbook, two short poetry anthologies and five books of poetry, the most recents: Tracks on Damp Sand and Breath of the Onion—Italian-American Anecdotes. His essays have appeared in the Christian Science Monitor and Commonweal. His poetry is included in News of the Universe, American Voices, and Best American Poetry, 1999.

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