The Petraeus-Crocker Up-tick

General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker probably did better on Monday than anyone--Republican or Democrats--expected. Whether or not they are accurate remains to be seen.

Damian Cave and Allissa Rubin in the New York Times  (9/11/07) call Crocker's testimony into question, based in part on a briefing he gave to reporters some weeks ago in Baghdad.  News Analysis: Envoys Upbeat Tone Glosses Over Baghdads Turmoil

Juan Cole (at the top of today's post 9/11) thinks their testimony has created a fait accompli and the Dems have to hope they [Petraeus and Crocker] will accomplish what they say is possible so that a Democratic president doesn't take the fall for Bush. Cole's argument is smart and worth a look:

E.J. Dionne ferrets out another possible trajectory in Rep. Ike Skelton's opening comments, i.e., let's hear from some others at the Pentagon worried about over-all readiness: Democrats' Last, Best Hope (Washington Post, 9/11).

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UPDATE: Thomas Ricks (author of Fiasco) has a running commentary on today's (9/11) testimony in the Senate. If you can't watch the whole thing:

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