We’re currently featuring three new stories on the homepage.

First is Robert Mickens’s latest Letter from Rome, in which he writes on what’s likely to be a “long and forceful campaign by church officials to defend” the canonization of Junípero Serra, on the behind-the-scenes work to launch the Holy Year of Mercy, and on photographic evidence of a female archbishop inside the Vatican. Read the whole thing here.

Also, David O’Brien comments on the news that Vermont's Bernie Sanders is running for president and why this makes now a good time to become reacquainted with socialism, American-style. Read “A Socialist for President?” here.

And, Fran Quigley looks at how efforts to organize service-sector employees in Indiana may be starting to bear fruit for workers making a fraction of what the state's vanished manufacturing jobs once paid; read all of “Labor Gains” here. 

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