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Our May 20 issue is online, featuring Paige E. Hochschild's response to Pope Francis's Amoris laetitia on indissolubility and the intentionality of love (she joins Peter Steinfels, William L. Portier, Sandra Yocum, George Dennis O'Brien, and others who comprise our Amoris laetitia reading list); and Joseph S. Flipper on the theological virtues of soccer.

For books, Frank Pasquale reviews Matthew Desmond's Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City—history and analysis that is "universally embraced by establishment academics like Robert Putman" but with implications "more radical than most acknowledge." Kathleen A. Brady reviews Prophecy without Contempt: Religious Discourse in the Public Square by Cathleen Kaveny, who raises concerns about divisive behavior in media conversation about religion and critiques efforts by certain scholars to explain the resulting polarization. And Gordon Marino reviews Gary Gutting's What Philosophy Can Do, a volume written in a jargon-free style that could "easily serve as a course in the strange but august set of perennial questions that philosophy tries to address."

Richard Alleva reviews two respective biopics about the lives of Miles Davis and Chet Baker, and Mary Frances Coady has the last word with a reflection on "un petit saint," Georges Vanier Jr. (or, Brother Benedict).

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