Just posted to the website: Our January 23 issue. Among the highlights:

  • Gilbert Meilaender’s “The Future of Baby-Making,” on how reproductive technologies are separating sex from procreation. But “[w]ould this be good for children?” he wonders. “And would it be good for sex?” Read it all here (subscribers).
  • Paul Lauritzen’s “ ‘Lawful but Awful,’” in which he discusses the moral perils of drone warfare, and the Obama administration’s justification of it in the context of “reevaluation of the moral frameworks used for assessing the use of force.” Read the whole thing here.
  • Plus, Celia Wren reviews Grantchester, a PBS/Masterpiece mystery with a vicar at its center; Rand Richards Cooper reviews The Babadook, “a horror film that abjures cheap thrills and builds its terrors securely atop a base of all-too-familiar human pain;” and William H. Pritchard writes on the novels of Ian McEwan, including his latest, The Children Act. See the full table of contents for the January 23 issue here.

Also now featured on the website is E. J. Dionne Jr.’s “The Community College Cause,” in which he discusses President Obama’s recently announced plan to pay tuitions for America’s community college students; read the whole thing here.

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