Nature Notes: June 27, 2014 UPDATE

Annual firefly report. Profuse!! Brilliant! And very active! Mountain Laurel also profuse. Does this coorelate with wet Spring.

So far, Ticks pretty minimal. The Fordham University tick index is up to 10 (highest), but they are about 100 miles east of our Tick patch.  2012 Report   2011 Report  Not sure what happened in 2013. No fireflies?

UPDATE: Have I previously mentioned the wormwood invasion? Found a strapping youngster who pulled much of it in five hours. Had to let him use his double-threaded weedwacker in a few spots so he'd come back. Four days later those weed-wacked stalks are sprouting! I've been out there discouraging that. A bit like getting rid of minor faults.


Margaret O'Brien Steinfels, a former editor of Commonweal, writes frequently in these pages.

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